About Danielle

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Danielle Melbouci - MS, MA, LCPC, C.H.T.

Danielle Melbouci was a clinical dietitian who received her Undergrad and Master's degrees from Texas Tech University and University of Central Oklahoma respectively. In 1994 Danielle decided to go back to school and received her Masters in Contemplative Psychology in 1997 and shortly thereafter became an LCPC. From there, Danielle worked in a variety of settings including work with adolescents in drug and alcohol recovery, individuals with eating disorders, the chronically mentally ill, and women's health. In the spring of 2016, Danielle moved from Colorado, where she was working in community health, to join The Counseling Center For Change.

Because of her vast range of experience, her main areas of focus are individuals in crisis, those struggling with past or current trauma, grief and loss, and those with personality disorders. Her main goal is to get people to a point where there challenges no longer impede them from functioning and interacting with day to day life. Her approach is calm and reassuring, yet eclectic as she utilizes multiple forms of therapy to help her patients including CBT, DBT, ACT, and Hypnosis. 

Danielle is a wife, and a mother to two young children. Outside of work she enjoys being a mom, playing with her kids and her dog as well hiking, reading, swimming and especially drawing.